31 Genius Essential Oil Tips & Hacks

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1.  remove grease stains with lemon essential oil

Did someone in your family drop French fries on their shirt or accidentally smear their sleeve in olive oil?  Whatever the grease stain it can probably be lifted out.  Just act quickly!  Put a few drops of lemon essential oil on the grease stain, gently rub the essential oil in to start to break up the grease and toss it into the wash.  Be sure to check the clothes when they come out of the wash to make sure that the grease stain is all gone.  If it is, great!  Put it in the dryer as normal.  But if a little grease remains, repeat with a few drops of lemon essential oil, rub in and rewash before putting it in the dryer.

2.  get rid of spiders with peppermint essential oil

Have you noticed spiders starting to build artistic creations around your home that rival Charlotte’s web?  Well, spiders hate the smell of peppermint, so simply use a little peppermint essential oil to encourage them to find a new home.  Mix 15 drops of peppermint essential oil and a cup of water in a spray bottle.  Shake well and then spray all around your home (inside and out) where spiders hang out or might enter your home.  get your baseboards, around doors, windows, porches, corners or rooms, etc.  Be careful to not use too much.  You don’t want to saturate your drywall and carpets.  The goal is not for them to be wet; that could cause mold to grow.  You just want to get the smell of peppermint into the area so that the spiders will relocate somewhere else.

3.  easy, 2-ingredient DIY toner

Want a super simple, cheap, and natural way to remove the last traces of makeup and tighten your pores?  Try adding a few drops of melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil to witch hazel for an awesome DIY toner.  Shake it up every time before you use it to mix the witch hazel and essential oil.  Then saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe your face using an upward motion from jawline to forehead (avoiding your eyes).  Clean and refreshed!

4.  go from sluggish to energized

Feeling tired and low energy?  Put a drop of lemon and peppermint essential oil in the palm of your hands, rub together, and inhale deeply for about 30 seconds.  Ready to go!

5. diffuse with you vents

Ready to have your mind blown?  check out this GENIUS ESSENTIAL OIL TIP

Put a few drops of essential oil on clothespins and clip them to the underside of all your floor vents. When your heating or air conditioning runs, air will flow over the clothespins and your whole house will smell great! Refresh with more drops of essential oil as needed.


6.  plump your lips

Add 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil to a tube of lip gloss.  Mix well using the lip gloss wand to make sure the EO is distributed fairly evenly throughout the entire tube of lip gloss.  Apply as normal.  Thanks to the peppermint, you’re lips will feel slightly tingly and look more full!

7.  add scent (and therapeutic benefits) to store-bought lotion

Do you love the smell of scented lotions but you’re trying to avoid artificial fragrances and toxins?  Add a few drops of essential oil to an unscented, store-bought, all-natural lotion.

here are some essential oil combinations to try:

eucalyptus and spearmint (great stress buster)

bergamot and grapefruit (energizing and uplifting)

orange, cedarwood, and ylang ylang (calming and balancing)

lavender and lemon (fresh and clean)

8.  make your own cuticle oil

Get rid of hangnails and dry, cracked cuticles with this DIY cuticle oil.  Fill a 15ml bottle with olive oil and add 10 drops of frankincense essential oil.  Top with your choice of original 15ml top, glass dropper, or roller ball.  Shake to mix.  Apply to cuticles and massage in.

9.  freshen as you vacuum

Love this one! Who doesn’t want their house to smell fresh & clean every time you vacuum?!! It’s simple– all you do is put a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or EO combination) on a small piece of a napkin or tissue and then vacuum it up. As you vacuum, your whole house will smell AMAZING!

a few other options to get the same result…

  • use a cotton ball instead of the napkin/tissue
  • a few drops in each new bag you put in your vacuum
  • no bag?  no problem.  If your vacuum has a washable filter, put some essential oil on the filter.  Works great!

essential oil tip & hack- Love this one! Who doesn't want their house to smell fresh & clean every time you vacuum?!! It's simple-- all you do is put a few drops of your favorite essential oil (or EO combination) on a small piece of a napkin or tissue and then vacuum it up. As you vacuum, your whole house will smell AMAZING!

10.  make a DIY car diffuser in 10 seconds for less than 5 cents

Take an inexpensive wooden clothespin.  Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the wood of the clothespin and clip the clothespin to your car’s vent.  When you turn on your AC/heat/fan and air comes out of your car’s vents, the air will blow over and around the clothespin and circulate the essential oils throughout your car.  Simply blissful!

11.  wake up all peppy

Stimulate your scalp and energize your brain by adding 2-3 drops of rosemary and spearmint essential oil to your shampoo and conditioner.

12.  make your own aromatherapy tissues

This works for the tall square boxes of tissues as well as the long flat rectangular boxes.  Carefully open the cardboard sides of a tissue box.  Add 2 drops of essential oil to each cardboard flap of the tissue box.  Close the flaps and tape shut.  This will infuse all the tissues with the scent (and therapeutic benefits) of the essential oil.

13.  strengthen your nails

Dry, brittle nails?  Add 1 drop of melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil to about 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil and then apply this mixture directly onto your nails and massage in to strengthen them.

14.  freshen stinky shoes and boots

Stinky shoes taking over your home?  Get rid of that funky smell using just a cotton ball and essential oil.  Add a few drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and place one cotton ball deep inside of each shoe.  Leave it overnight and odors should be all gone in the morning!

Good odor-eating essential oils to try are melaleuca (tea tree), lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, pine, cypress, lavender, and orange.

15.  cut your drying time in half

Have you switched to dryer balls yet? I used dryer sheets for years, but I’m so glad I discovered dryer balls. They have none of the toxic chemicals found in dryer sheets, are significantly less expensive to use, and reduce drying time (which saves me even more money because we’re using less energy to dry our clothes)!!  Just add a couple of drops of essential oil to your dryer balls and put them in the dryer along with your clothes.  You can use a single oil or make your own blends.  Give orange and lavender a try!

You can make your own dryer balls using yarn and an old pair of nylons (check thrift stores for some if you’re like me and haven’t worn nylons in at least 20 years), or you can take the even easier route and buy wool dryer balls like I do.  I love almost every diy essential oil craft, but for some reason making wool dryer balls is not my thing.

16.  simple DIY moth balls

Make your own natural moth balls.  Simply put a few drops of cedarwood essential oil on a few cotton balls and place them in your closet and drawers.  Should keep the moths away and give you great, fresh smelling clothes!

essential oil tip & hack- Make your own natural moth balls. Simply put a few drops of cedarwood essential oil on a few cotton balls and place them in your closet and drawers. Should keep the moths away and give you great, fresh smelling clothes!

17.  happiness hack

Smell orange essential oil straight from the bottle or use in your diffuser for an uplifting aroma.

18.  customize your homemade salad dressings

I love making my own homemade salad dressings.  It’s so easy to do, and I can always have the exact flavor that I’m in the mood for.

Here’s how to do it:  Mix 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil (olive oil is my favorite).  Add a touch of mustard and/or honey to help the dressing stay emulsified, customize it using the flavors you’re in the mood for, and shake vigorously to emulsify the dressing.

here are a few essential oils to try in your dressing: basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, sage, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and lemongrass.  note: it just takes a little essential oil to do the trick.  don’t over do it.  1-2 drops of citrus essential oils and the tip of a clean toothpick for most others is plenty.

19.  keep pantry bugs away

Wipe down shelves with a mix of white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil.  Citronella, eucalyptus, melaleuca (tea tree) and peppermint all work great!

20.  super power your mopping

Add a few drops of pine, lemon, or melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil to your mop water.  They have powerful disinfectant properties and also leave your room smelling great!

21.  help your moisturizer work even better

Add 1 drop of geranium or myrrh essential oil to your face moisturizer to promote youthful-looking skin

22.  get a great night’s sleep

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the rinse cycle when washing your sheets.  Lavender is very calming and will promote sound and peaceful night’s sleep.

23.  no more trashcan stink

Add 2 drops of melaleuca (tea tree) and lemon essential oil to a cotton ball and put the cotton ball at the bottom of a trashcan.  Lemon and tea tree will disinfect and deodorize, keeping your trashcan smelling fresh and clean!


essential oil tip & hack- No more trash can stink! Add 2 drops of melaleuca (tea tree) and lemon essential oil to a cotton ball and put the cotton ball at the bottom of a trash can. Lemon and tea tree will disinfect and deodorize, keeping your trash can smelling fresh and clean!

24.  dry cleaning hack

Do you have clothes that need to be freshened up, but you don’t want to send them through the wash?  Put a few drops of essential oil on a clean cotton washcloth and toss that washcloth into the dryer on along with the clothing to be freshened.  Run through dryer on fluff cycle and your clothing will be as fresh as if you just picked it up from the dry cleaner.

25.  boost your toothpaste

Add essential oils to your toothpaste.  Add 1 drop rosemary and 1 drop peppermint to a couple ounces of a natural toothpaste to help support healthy gums, give you an immunity boost, and fight bad breath.

26.  clean your microwave

Splatters, grease, and gunk on the inside of your microwave?  Here’s an easy solution.  Simply microwave a bowl with about a cup of water and 5 drops of lemon essential oil for about 3 minutes.  Use a potholder to remove the very hot bowl of water and wipe your microwave clean.  Sparkling clean and your kitchen will smell AMAZING!

27.  goo remover

Use a couple drops of lemon essential oil to remove all kinds of goo (is that a real word?).  Lemon essential oil will remove crayon and permanent marker from wall (be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn’t also remove or alter the finish of your paint).  Lemon essential oil can also be use to get rid of adhesive sticky messes- like removing labels from bottles, unsticking stickers that your kids used to decorate your refrigerator, and removing gum.

28.  productivity hack

Diffuse lemon essential oil to reduce stress and improve focus so you can be more productive.  How cool is this?– A study in japan found workers made 54% fewer typing mistakes when lemon essential oil was diffused!!  source:  Fast Company, 9/26/14

29.  keep bugs away

Are mosquitos, ants, and flies “bugging” you?  Make your own bug bracelet.  Simply braid cotton fabric or leather and wrap around your wrist.  Put a few drops of citronella, lemongrass, or lavender essential oils on the bracelet to help keep bugs at bay.

30.  diy personal diffuser

Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to a scarf for your own personal diffuser.

31.  cure for laundry neglect

Do you ever forget and leave your laundry in the wash for too long? I know I do. Simply add 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil to the laundry and re-wash. And voila, laundry is as good as new! Not only does it smell fresh and clean, but it IS fresh and clean.

Essential Oil TIP Cure for laundry Neglect


Would you like an easy reference of all 31 genius essential oil tips and hacks? Click here for a FREE PRINTABLE that you can use for yourself, share with your team, or use as a class handout.


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