How to Make Diffuser Necklace

This diffuser necklace is my new favorite!  Make your own for less than a dollar.

In fact, if you use waxed cotton cords, you can make diffuser necklaces for about 50 cents each!


Anyone can make these, really.  And they’re super fast to make.  I made 20 in about 15 minutes.  That’s 15 minutes to make all 20 diffuser necklaces!


Perfect for make & take classes, new enrollee incentives, team gifts, teacher appreciation, and more!!

Who wouldn’t love to get one of these?!!



six homemade essential oil diffuser neckalces made with silver-plated snake chain, silver wire pendants, and wool felt balls in blue, green, turquoise, olive, and magenta




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Silver plated metal bead cage pendants  – click here to get them


a pile of silver wire cage pendants used to make diffuser jewelry



24″ silver plated snake chains – click here to get them


several 24 inch silver-plated snake chain necklaces


Or use these super cute waxed cotton cord necklaces that come in all these amazing colors– click here to get them


a bundle of cotton wax necklaces in bright colors from pink to blue, green, orange, and brown



Lava beads (hold the essential oil) – click here to get


a string of black lava beads used to release the scent of essential oils in diffuser jewelry



Colorful lava beads (hold the essential oil)- click here to get


a string of colorful lava beads used to release the scent of essential oils in diffuser necklaces and bracelets



Or instead of the lava beads, you can use these adorable (and colorful) 14mm wool ballsclick here to get them


a pile of small colorful wool balls that will be used inside of the wire cage necklace pendants



Step-by-Step Instructions (as easy as 1-2-3)

Putting these diffuser necklaces together is so easy!


1.  Just pop one lava bead (or wool ball) into the wire cage (no tools required)

wire cage pendant and small cyan wool ball

use fingers to pry open wire cage big enough to fit wool ball

wool felt ball inside of wire cage pendant

small cyan wool ball inside of silver wire cage pendant


2.  Slide the chain through the bead cage

That’s it!  You just made a DIY diffuser necklace.

end of silve snake chain necklace going through pendant loop


3.  Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Reapply oils every couple of days. Enjoy!

6 colorful wool felt balls in diffuser necklaces

10 black lava beads inside diffuser necklaces

essential oil diffuser necklace displayed on slice of cedar tree to show what it would look like on neck


up close shot of three necklaces



Approximate costs

You can make one of these cute diffuser necklaces for as little as 50 cents each.  Costs will vary based on which necklace chain you choose to use (waxed cotton costs a lot less than the silver snake chain) and which type of bead you use (black lava beads cost less than the colorful wool balls).  Below you’ll find some approximate costs for several different versions of diffuser necklaces.  Costs range from about 50 cents each to a little more than $1.

note: prices change constantly.  These approximate costs are as of 8/23/2019.


  •  50 cent diffuser necklace

waxed cotton cord + cage + black lava bead


  • $1 diffuser necklace

silver snake chain + cage + black lava bead

  • a little more than $1 diffuser necklace

silver snake chain + cage + colorful wool ball



pinterest title image for how to make essential oil diffuser necklaces in under one minute for only about $1 each

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  1. I think it’s fabulous that all I had to do was “click here” to get the supplies instead of searching for a source. Great idea especially when you have group or club members you want to give a small gift or reward. Thank you.

  2. How do you put the oil on the bead. I was given a lava bead bracelet, and all it did was get all over my wrist and sleeve, smell didn’t last long,they stated it would last for hours and I didn’t refill as I didn’t want it to get all over everything.

    • Hi Donna,

      Lava beads should hold essential oils by simply dropping the oils on the bead.

      However, sometimes lava beads are covered in wax to protect them and give them a slight shine. Usually, if lava beads have this wax coating on them, then you’d want to heat them gently in some hot water on the stovetop to get the wax to melt off. Then you dry the lava beads and use them as normal to make diffuser jewelry.

      I don’t know what your diffuser bracelet is made out of in addition to the lava beads, but depending on the materials in your bracelet, you might be able to try submerging your bracelet in a pot of water on the stovetop and heating it gently to remove any wax on your lava beads.

  3. Why do you need to hold the EO when using the lava balls? Their description says they are for essential oils. Have you had a bad experience with them?

    • Sorry for the confusion.
      What I meant was that the lava beads are the thing that hold the essential oil in the diffuser necklace.
      But I see how that could easily be read as don’t use essential oils with the lava beads. Sorry about that. Yes, you can definitely use essential oils with lava beads. They are great for that! Just be sure you get the lava beads that are unwaxed. There are some waxed lava beads out there and that makes it harder for them to capture and hold the essential oils.

  4. I really enjoy your posts! Your recipes include absolutely everything needed to make them and your directions are perfectly, simply stated. I look forward to your emails!!! Thank you!!!

  5. I also am from Kansas. This is such a good idea. I definitely am going to make some of these for friends and family. I am thinking these may be even good to sell at a craft fair.

    • Hi Carla,
      Nice to “meet” a fellow Kansan!
      They make fantastic gifts! Everyone seems to love them.
      Have fun making these.

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