Essential Oil Favorites

With so many essential oil products and supplies to choose from, I often get asked which ones I use and recommend.  So I decided to create a resource page with my favorite essential oil products and supplies.  The things I share on this page will all be things I use and love.

This is a work in progress.  I wanted to get it started and shared with you right away but it’s far from complete.  Be sure to check back as I’ll be adding my favorite diffusers, spray bottles, carrier oils,  DIY ingredients, books, storage, and more.

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My favorite roller bottles

  • high quality bottles that don’t leak (tip: be sure to store roll-on bottles upright.  This keeps the essential oils from touching the roller.  Over time, if stored flat where the oil mixture touches the roller casing, the casing can break down and leaks can occur.  When stored upright, this won’t happen.)
  • stainless steel roller balls (so much better for using with essential oils than plastic rollers)
  • amber glass (better than clear glass because it protects against harmful UV rays that can degrade essential oils.  Note that these are made from actual, real amber glass.  Not fake ones where clear glass has been painted to look amber.  Be sure to get the real deal amber bottles like this; the painted ones don’t help protect against UV rays that can harm essential oils.)
  • 10ml (perfect size – easy to carry in purse or store in drawer)

find my favorite roller bottles HERE



Spray Tops for 15ml essential oil bottles

If you’ve been using essential oils for as long as I have, you build up quite a stockpile of empty essential oil bottles.  I don’t like to waste anything, so I put them to good use.  I’ve turned those little bottles into all kinds of useful things- hand sanitizer, sleep spray, roller bottles, mattress refresher, homemade Febreeze, a car diffuser, and so much more, I’ve shared over 30 ideas & recipes for using empty essential oil bottles here.

These spray tops are also great for turning empty (and almost empty) essential oil bottles into the perfect little travel size bug spray.  It’s perfect for tucking in your purse.  Keep one in the car so it’s always handy.  Put one in every family member’s outdoor bag or backpack.  Use it for travel (at 15ml it’s well within TSA limits for liquids).  It’s the perfect on-the-go bug spray.  Get my travel size bug spray recipes here.

Be sure to get a spray top that’s specially made to fit 15ml essential oil bottles, otherwise it likely won’t fit properly on your bottle.


spray top being added to 15ml essential oil bottle 4 essential oil bottles with blue and green spray tops added 4 essential oil bottles with orange, yellow, and green spray tops added that coordinate with their bottle labels

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