Best Fall Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser {free printable}

Fall is in full swing.

It’s the perfect weather to turn on your diffuser and start using essential oils to get your home feeling warm and cozy.


Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, warm, spicy, relaxing, or comforting.  You’ll find it here in my curated list of absolute favorite Autumn essential oil blends.  There are 30 essential oil recipes in all including pumpkin spice latte, immune booster, sweater weather, pumpkin pie, apple orchard, spiced chai latte, snickerdoodle cookies, orange cinnamon rolls, warm apple pie, evening by the fire, vanilla spice, crisp autumn, flannel, cozy home, and many more.  


But the best part is that unlike chemical air fresheners and toxic candles, these essential oil diffuser blends are all natural, toxin free, and even have therapeutic benefits.

Scroll through to find the fall blend that’s right for you.  Under each diffuser blend, you’ll find a description of what it smells like along with a list of its therapeutic benefits in the section labels “some benefits of this essential oil blend“.  There are recipes to help you de-stress, unwind, boost energy, and keep your immune system in tip-top shape.



Fall Diffuser Blends - 30 recipes plus a free printable of all the recipes --by -- diffuser, tall vase with orange flowers, velvet pumpkin, and essential oil bottle



What essential oils are good for fall?

warm & spicy:  cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, cassia, cardamom, black pepper

smell sweet like yummy fall baked goods:  orange, tangerine, mandarin, vanilla

woodsy & cozy:  cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, sandalwood, arborvitae, copaiba, juniper berry

earthy:  patchouli, vetiver

learn more about the therapeutic benefits and uses for these fall essential oils here.



Is lavender a fall scent?

While on its own, lavender doesn’t have a fall aroma, when you combine lavender with other woodsy, spicy, or warm-smelling essential oils, lavender can definitely be part of many fabulous fall blends.

See blend #5 below for how to mix lavender with fir, frankincense, sandalwood, and orange to make a blend that smells like a fall night by the campfire.

Or try #15 below to mix lavender with bergamot and clary sage to make a diffuser blend that has the aroma of a rainy fall day.



How to use diffuser recipes?

  1. find the diffuser blend you want to try – There are 30 fall essential oil diffuser blends to pick from below.  Find the one that suits your mood, find a new one to try, or find one that has the emotional/physical essential oil benefits you need.  If you don’t have a specific essential oil, don’t worry.  Either you can substitute a similar oil or try one of the other 30 recipes.  There are sure to be a few for which you have all the needed oils.
  2. add water to your diffuser (tip:  be sure to stop filling below the little line inside your diffuser.  Ultrasonic diffusers need to have space at the top so that the water can move back and forth rapidly enough to turn into the cold mist that comes out of the top of the diffuser.  If you fill the water level too high, then you won’t get as much mist out of the diffuser.  Less water (more space at the top) equals more mist.  Too much water (little to no space at the top) equals little to no mist.)
  3. add the essential oils to the water (tip:  the diffuser blend recipes are written for 300ml diffusers, but you can easily adjust the recipes to work for any size of diffuser.  See the next section below for tips on how to adjust the recipes)
  4. put the cover on your diffuser
  5. plug in your diffuser and turn it on

Don’t have a diffuser?  Don’t worry you can still diffuse essential oils.   25 ways to diffuse without a diffuser and 15 ways to make your home smell like fall



How many drops of essential oil should I use in my diffuser?

These fall diffuser blends were created for a 300ml diffuser, but you can easily adjust the recipes to work for every size of diffuser.

150ml and smaller diffusers:  cut the recipes in half so that you use 3-4 drops of essential oil

200ml-400ml diffusers:  use the diffuser blends as is (5-8 drops of essential oil)

500ml and larger diffuser:  double the diffuser recipes so that you use 10-15 drops of essential oil



1. Pumpkin Latte Diffuser Blend

4 drops cardamom + 2 drops orange + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop clove


While there isn’t pumpkin or coffee in this pumpkin latte blend, it still captures the aroma of that favorite fall beverage.  The warmth of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove combine with the sweetness of orange to evoke that cozy coffee house scent.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, energizing, decongestant, purifying and cleansing, and helps bring balance and release anger



2. Immune Booster Diffuser Blend

1 drop rosemary + 1 drop clove + 1 drop eucalyptus + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop orange 


Most colds and flu happen during the fall and winter months when we’re all indoors.  Close quarters means we’re all sharing the same air and germs are more likely to spread.  Give your immune system an extra boost with this fresh, clean, and slightly spicy blend of essential oils.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, decongestant, improves focus and concentration



3. Apple Orchard Diffuser Blend

2 drops frankincense + 2 drops copaiba + 3 drops Douglas fir


A stroll through the orchard picking apples is the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon.  When a fall breeze blows through the trees at the orchard near us, it smells very much like this diffuser blend – woody, a little sweet, with a hint of fresh fir from the Christmas tree farm next door.  It’s relaxing and grounding- a great fall diffuser blend to help lessen anxious feelings.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, respiratory support, helps calm and soothe, helps lessen anxious feelings



4. Gingersnap Cookies Diffuser Blend

3 drops ginger + 2 drops cassia + 2 drops clove


My grandma always made ginger molasses cookies.  Sweet, spicy, soft, and chewy- they had it all.  Fall wasn’t fall without her gingersnaps.  It’s a tradition I still keep up to this day.  With this diffuser blend, I can have the scent of her fresh-based cookies every day (without the sugar and calories).  And even better than that, the ginger essential oil has properties much like my grandma herself- helping people to be fully present in the current moment.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  cleansing and purifying, immune boosting, energizing, helps live in the present moment, and empowers one to see themselves as the creators of their own life



5. Evening by the Fire Diffuser Blend

2 drops Douglas fir + 1 drop frankincense + 1 drop sandalwood + 1 drop lavender + 2 drops orange


This cozy diffuser blend combines a mix of woody, fresh, and slightly sweet essential oils.  Don’t you just want to snuggle up in front of a crackling fire with your loved and relax?

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, relaxing, improves focus, decongestant, immune boosting



6. Orange Cinnamon Rolls Diffuser Blend

3 drops orange + 2 drops cinnamon + 2 drops cardamom


One of my favorite fall breakfasts is warm orange cinnamon rolls.  It’s a tradition started by my mother-in-law years ago.  The sweetness of the orange combined with the cinnamon and cardamom spices wafting through the air as they bake in the oven makes me feel happy and loved.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting,  immune support, energizing, decongestant, purifying and cleansing, and encourages a generous mindset of abundance



7. Crisp Morning Diffuser Blend

2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops orange + 2 drops basil


The slight grassiness of the basil blends well with the fresh, citrusy notes of grapefruit and orange to evoke feelings of freshly raked leaves on a sunny fall day.  I can’t think of a better way to start an autumn day than with diffusing this blend of grapefruit, orange, and basil.  Since it’s both uplifting and energizing, it’s a great way to start the morning off on the right foot.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, energizing, invigorating, refreshing, and encourages love, tolerance and self-acceptance



8. Vanilla Spice Diffuser Blend

4 drops vanilla oleoresin + 2 drops orange + 2 drops cinnamon


This blend combines the sweetness of vanilla and orange with the spice of cinnamon.   It’s a warm, inviting, relaxing, and slightly sensual scent.

note: There isn’t such a thing as vanilla essential oil.  This blend uses vanilla oleoresin which is made from a solvent extraction.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  relaxing, comforting, uplifting



9. Fall Wreath Diffuser Blend

3 drops eucalyptus + 2 drops rosemary + 2 drops balsam fir


I love fall decorations.  Whether it’s pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, or a beautiful fall wreath, I just love the warmth and friendliness that autumnal decorations have.  This essential oil combination of eucalyptus, rosemary and fir smells fresh, clean, and crisp.  It’s a great way to deodorize and get rid of any stinky smells.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, decongestant, expectorant, energizing, increase focus, deodorize, purify



10. Spiced Chai Diffuser Blend

3 drops cardamom + 1 drop clove + 1 drop cassia + 1  drop ginger


Spiced chai is popular in my home all year long.  The sweet, warm, comforting scent makes me want to slow down, sit and chat with dear friends.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  helps clear mind, decongestant, expectorant



11. Sweater Weather Diffuser Blend

3 drops eucalyptus + 2 drops juniper berry + 1 drop sage


This diffuser blend of eucalyptus, juniper, and sage has a wonderful woody, fresh, and crisp aroma.  It reminds me of how wonderful it feels to pull on soft, warm sweaters when the days start to cool off and the autumn nights turn brisk.  It gives a deep sense of comfort and well-being.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune support, decongestant, expectorant, energizing, purifying and cleansing, deodorizing, and helps face fears in order to find a path to greater wholeness


12. Sleeping Weather Diffuser Blend

1 drop cedarwood + 2 drops vetiver + 4 drops lavender


Cool fall nights are perfect for getting deep, sound restful sleep.  And that’s just what this diffuser blend helps with, too.  Lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood are powerhouse essential oils when it comes to relaxation and sleep.  Lavender calms the mind, vetiver is a sedative that helps ease insomnia, and cedarwood helps ease anxious feelings.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  calming, relaxing, promote a great night’s sleep, lessen anxious feelings



13. Snickerdoodle Cookies Diffuser Blend

3 drops orange + 2 drops cinnamon + 1 drop clove


One of my favorite kinds of cookies as a young girl was snickerdoodles.  I just loved helping my mom by flattening out the balls of cookie dough with the bottom of a glass and then watching the cookies expand in the oven.  The characteristic cracking of the cinnamon sugar coating was so fun to watch happen.  This snickerdoodle diffuser blends bring back those childhood memories with it’s sweet, cinnamon aroma.  It’s a great blend to diffuser when I’m feeling a little on edge, as it helps to put me in a good mood and helps me to feel less stressed.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, immune boosting, balances energy and emotions, lessens anxious feelings



14. Crisp Autumn Diffuser Blend

3 drops orange + 3 drops patchouli + 1 drop clove


This blend has a sweet, floral, slightly spicy aroma that’s reminiscent of walking through the woods filled with vibrant fall foliage.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  calming, balances emotions, uplifting, relaxing



15. Fall Rain Diffuser Blend

1 drop lavender + 2 drops bergamot + 3 drops clary sage


This floral and citrus blend smells sweet and fresh like a fall rain.  It helps relax and balance emotions and hormones.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  balances emotions, promotes a good night’s sleep, relaxing, balances hormones (PMS and menopause)



16. Cozy Home Diffuser Blend

2 drops clove + 2 drops cassia + 1 drop ginger + 1 drop cardamom + 1 drop tangerine


When summer turns to fall, we find ourselves turning to the comfort of home and family.  This warm and spicy diffuser blend is the perfect combination for when that hibernating instinct kicks it.  Not only does it smell great, it also has immune-boosting properties to help keep people well when everyone is in close quarters.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune boosting, emotion balancing, energizing



17. Sweet Fall Diffuser Blend

3 drops cedarwood + 3 drops bergamot


This sweet, woody aroma is great to diffuse when you are feeling stressed.  It helps to lessen anxious feelings and puts emotions back in balance.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  lessens anxious feelings, calming, promotes a great night’s sleep, emotional balance, reduces feelings of stress, increases feelings of self-worth



18. Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend

2 drops cinnamon + 1  drop clove + 1  drop ginger + 1  drop orange + 1  drop cardamom


What’s more fall than pumpkin spice?  This is definitely a favorite diffuser blend of many readers.  While there’s no pumpkin essential oil, this blend captures the rich, warm scent of these classic fall spices.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  energizing, immune boosting, emotional balance



19. Crisp Breeze Diffuser Blend

2 drops lemon + 2 drops orange + 2 drops balsam fir


This blend captures the scents of when the season turns chilly, the winds put up and start to blow the fall foliage off the trees.  It’s time to bundle up with coats, scarves, and mittens.  The combination of citrus and evergreen reminds that Thanksgiving is almost here and it won’t be long before it’s Christmas.

some benefits of this essential oil blend: cleansing and purifying, uplifting, improves focus and clarity of thought, immune boosting, decongestant



20. Flannel Diffuser Blend

3 drops cardamom + 1  drop cinnamon + 1 drop orange + 1 drop clove


Whether it’s a flannel shirt, flannel sheets, or a soft, well-worn flannel blanket, flannel is all about comfort and warmth, and that’s what this diffuser is all about, too.  Use it to help relax, clear your head, and find your balance.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  decongestant, energizing, clear your mind, emotional balance, invigorate, relax, cleanse



21. Crunching Leaves Diffuser Blend

2 drops frankincense + 1 drop myrrh + 3 drops orange + 2 drops cedarwood


I’m still a little kid at heart.  I love walking through piles of colorful fall leaves, hearing them crunch under my feet.  This slightly sweet, woody, earthy diffuser blend reminds me of that fabulous fall feeling.  It’s a wonderful blend to use at the end of a long day as it helps to relax and unwind before bed.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, calming, promotes a good night’s sleep



22. Fresh Air Diffuser Blend

3 drops lime + 2 drops thyme + 2 drops eucalyptus


Cool autumn air smells fresh and clean, just like this blend of lime, thyme, and eucalyptus essential oils.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  deodorizing, purifying, cleansing, immune boosting, decongestant



23. Mulled Cider Diffuser Blend

3 drops orange + 1 drop nutmeg (optional) + 2 drops cinnamon + 1 drop clove


Growing up, my mom always made hot mulled cider for fall parties and get togethers.  She made it in a huge old-fashioned percolator that held several gallons of cider, so the scent completely filled our home.  Still today, when I smell this sweet, spicy diffuser blend, I’m taken back to those fun times with family and friends.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, immune support, energizing



24. Fall Happiness Diffuser Blend

3 drops cinnamon + 3 drops tangerine


This warm, sweet blend really is fall happiness.  It helps promote a positive mood by balancing emotions.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  cleanses air, immune support, balancing, uplifting



25. Thankful Heart Diffuser Blend

1 drop ginger + 3 drops coriander + 2 drops clove


A warm, spicy diffuser blend that helps you find gratitude and thankfulness in your heart.  What’s more in sync with this season than embracing thankfulness?  After all, science has proven that gratitude improves psychological health, opens the door to more relationships, helps people sleep better, and reduces toxic emotions like envy and regret. 

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  emotional balance, helps you honor and live your true self



26. Deep in the Woods Diffuser Blend

4 drops cypress + 2 drops white fir + 2 drops sandalwood


This diffuser blend combines the enchanting scents of cypress, fir, and sandalwood for a fresh, woody, evergreen scent reminiscent of collecting pinecones and acorns during a walk in the woods on a cool evening.  I can almost hear the leaves rustling and owls softly hooting.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  emotional balance that helps let go and increases flexibility so that you can move onto new things



27. Pumpkin Pie Diffuser Blend

3 drops cinnamon + 1 drop clove + 1 drop nutmeg (optional)


Pumpkin pie!  Pumpkin pie!  Pumpkin pie!  This is a favorite diffuser blend of practically everyone.  It has that classic fall aroma of warm, sweet, and spicy that fills a home with love and positive energy.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  helps nurture relationships based on mutual love and respect, immune support, decongestant



28. Woodland Walk Diffuser Blend

2 drops orange + 2 drops cassia + 2 drops white fir 


This refreshing blend helps reconnect one to who they are, giving more courage and confidence to do the things they really want to do.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, energizing, brings courage to the heart, increases confidence, encourages generosity and abundance mindset



29. Warm Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

2 drops clove + 2 drops cinnamon + 2 drops ginger + 1 drop nutmeg (optional)


Although there’s actually not any apple in this diffuser blend, it smells remarkedly like warm apple pie.  That’s thanks to the blend of warm and sweet spices– clove, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  immune boosting, energizing, emotional balance, feel supported, receptive to new things



30. Spiced Citrus Diffuser Blend

3 drops orange + 1 drop ginger + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop clove


In the fall and during the holidays, I love spicy blends with cinnamon, ginger, clove and orange.  They’re so warm and comforting.  Just perfect for a cool fall day.

some benefits of this essential oil blend:  uplifting, invigorating, renewing, lessens anxious feelings



click here for a free printable of all 30 Best Fall Diffuser Blend Recipes

30 best FALL essential oil diffuser blend recipes by - click for free printable of all 30 recipes



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