DIY Pumpkin Spice Cleaner {made with essential oils}

I love pretty much all things fall, and one of my favorite things about fall is the warm, cozy smell of pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice hand soap, pumpkin spice room sprays — I love pretty much anything and everything pumpkin spice.


Which is why I’m so excited to share my new recipe for homemade pumpkin spice cleaner!

It smells amazing!

It has notes of warm cinnamon, spicy clove, cozy cardamom, sexy ginger, and subtle hints of sweet orange to round it out.

It’s pumpkin spice perfection!



Pumpkin Spice Cleaning Spray by -- glass spray bottle next to essential oil bottle, pumpkin, and berries



Use This Spray to Clean…

Not only does it smell fantastic, it’s also a powerful multi-surface cleaner.

Use it to cut through grease and grime on kitchen counters, sinks, floors, tubs, and more.  Your kitchen and bathrooms will be clean, sparkly, and smelling amazing in no time.



  • countertops
  • cabinets
  • windowsills
  • sink
  • stovetop
  • fronts of appliances
  • inside of refrigerator and freezer
  • trashcan
  • floor
  • hand wash dishes



  • sink
  • tub
  • toilet
  • daily shower cleaner
  • tile floor
  • baseboards
  • light switch
  • bathroom fixtures



ingredients to make pumpkin spice latte cleaner -- baking soda, distilled water, Castile soap, and essential oil -- also shows free printable labels for pumpkin spice cleaning spray




2 cups distilled water

tip:  Instead of distilled water, you can substitute boiled and cooled filtered water.


1 teaspoon baking soda

Baking soda does two things:  1) it helps boost the deodorizing power and 2) it gives a bit of gentle scrubbing power to help cut through grease and grime more easily.


1 teaspoon unscented liquid Castile soap (or substitute with a natural dish soap)

Castile soap is a great degreaser that helps break of dirt and rinse it away.  Don’t use too much though.  One teaspoon is plenty.  Any more and you’ll risk leaving a soapy residue behind on your surfaces.


30 drops of essential oil

This all-purpose cleaner uses a mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger, orange, and cardamom.  Not only does the combination of these 5 essential oils smell like the perfect pumpkin spice latte, but they’re also also powerful cleaners and have many therapeutic benefits.  Here are some of the great reasons for using each of these 5 PSL essential oils.





    • Immune support
    • Stimulating and energizing
    • Helps enhance confidence and feelings of self-love and acceptance




sweet orange

    • Immune support
    • Protects against seasonal and environmental threats
    • An adaptogen that can be both calming and energizing, depending on what your body needs (find 20 recipes for my favorite calming diffuser blends here)
    • Emotionally uplifting as it helps elevate one’s mood
    • Powerful cleaner– Orange oil can be found in many commercially available cleaners, but you can make your own non-toxic cleaners with orange oil very cheaply and easily. It works great in counter spray, wood polish, floor cleaner, and more. Find the recipes here (simply substitute orange for the lemon).


    • Helps support clear breathing and respiratory health (find diffuser blends for clear breathing here)
    • Encourages clarity, direction, and motivation– giving a sense of purpose
    • Promotes a positive mood
    • Helps ease anger and frustration, allowing you to step back from the situation and see things more clearly



How to Make Pumpkin Spice Latte Cleaner

This DIY is super easy.  It takes less than 1 minute to make.


step 1: add 1 teaspoon baking soda to 16 oz spray bottle

tip: Choose a spray bottle that’s made from materials safe to use with diluted essential oils.  Glass, stainless steel, and certain types of plastic (plastic #1 HDPE or plastic #2 PET) work well.

tip: Use a funnel to make sure all the baking soda gets in the bottle with no mess or spills.

tip: Don’t worry about getting all the baking soda in the spray bottle at this point.  We’ll add water in the next step, and the water will rinse all the baking soda into the bottle.


using funnel to add baking soda to glass spray bottle



step 2: add 2 cups of distilled water to bottle

tip:  Instead of distilled water, you can substitute boiled and cooled filtered water.


using funnel to add distilled water to glass spray bottle



step 3: put on top and shake mix to dissolve baking soda completely


swirling water and baking soda mixture in spray bottle



step 4: remove top and add 1 teaspoon unscented liquid Castile soap (or substitute with a natural dish soap)

tip: Don’t use too much though.  One teaspoon is plenty.  Any more and you’ll risk leaving a soapy residue behind on your surfaces.

tip:  You want to add the baking soda, water, and Castile soap in this order.  If you would put the soap in first and then add the water, it would foam up and create a sudsy mess.  Doing it in the order of this recipe keeps everything nice and tidy in the bottle.


adding 1 tsp of liquid Castile soap to spray bottle



step 5: add the following essential oils

10 drops cinnamon

5 drops clove

5 drops ginger

5 drops sweet orange

5 drops cardamom


adding essential oil to spray bottle



step 6: swirl to mix


swirling mixture in spray bottle to mix it



step 7 (optional): add label  (click here for a free printable label)

tip:  You can print this label on full-sheet label paper, or do what I do and print the label on regular printer paper and attach it to the spray bottle with packing tape.  It’s cheap and easy to do.  Plus, I find that the labels stay on better using packing tape than with regular label paper, and the packing tape protects the label really well, which keeps the labels looking great for a long time.


free printable label "pumpkin spice cleaning spray" attached to spray bottle




cleaning tote with pumpkin spice cleaner, Castile soap, natural scrub brush, and microfiber cloths



How to Use

  • Always spot test new-to-you cleaners in an inconspicuous spot first before applying to a greater area.
  • Gently shake the spray bottle before using.
  • Spray either directly on surface or on microfiber cloth.
  • If surface is extra dirty, let the cleaner sit for a minute or two before wiping clean.
  • If the surface has tough, stuck-on grime, consider sprinkling some baking soda on surface before spraying with cleaner.  Then scrub and wipe clean.



5 More Pumpkin Spice DIYs

Like I said, I love autumn and all things pumpkin spice.  So why stop at just 1 pumpkin spice cleaner?  There are so many great ways to use essential oils to fill your home with the warm, cozy fragrances of fall.

Here are 5 more pumpkin spice cleaning recipes for you to try.  Hope you love them as much as I do.


#1:  Prefer a cleaner without Castile soap?  Try this version with vinegar instead.

Mix in 16 oz spray bottle:

1 cup distilled water

1 cup white vinegar

10 drops cinnamon

5 drops clove

5 drops ginger

5 drops orange

5 drops cardamom

caution:  Vinegar is acidic.  Don’t use this vinegar-based cleaning spray on natural stone like granite and marble as it can etch away at the stone.


#2:  Need to not just clean, but disinfect?  Try making pumpkin spice homemade “Lysol”.

Find my traditional homemade “Lysol” recipe here

Substitute the essential oils in my regular disinfecting spray recipe for these autumn-scented essential oils:

25 drops cinnamon

12 drops clove

12 drops ginger

12 drops orange

12 drops cardamom

#3:  Need some extra scrubbing power to clean a kitchen sink, glass stovetop, or bathtub?  Make a homemade pumpkin spice soft scrub.

Find my basic soft scrub recipe here

Substitute the essential oils in my regular soft scrub recipe for these pumpkin-spice-scented essential oils:

4 drops cinnamon

2 drops clove

2 drops ginger

2 drops orange

2 drops cardamom



#4:  Pumpkin Dish Soap

Find my basic dish soap recipe here

Substitute the essential oils in my regular dish soap recipe for these autumn-scented essential oils:

6 drops cinnamon

3 drops clove

3 drops ginger

3 drops orange

3 drops cardamom


#5:  Pumpkin Spice Dusting Spray

I saved the best for last.  There’s just something about the warm scent of pumpkin spice latte enveloping me as I’m dusting wood tables, bookcases, and chairs that makes me completely happy.  Life is good.

Find my basic dusting spray recipe here

Substitute the essential oils in my regular dusting recipe for these pumpkin-spice-scented essential oils:

10 drops cinnamon

5 drops clove

5 drops ginger

5 drops orange

5 drops cardamom



ingredients used to make homemade pumpkin spice cleaning spray -- baking soda, distilled water, Castile soap, essential oils -- plus shows free printable "pumpkin spray cleaning spray" labels


Where to Get Supplies

This website contains affiliate links. This means that should you click on certain links, and then subsequently purchase a product, I will receive a small commission. The price is exactly the same for you as it would be without the affiliate link. 

  • spray bottleuse a 16 oz or larger spray bottle made of glass, stainless steel, or essential-oil-safe plastic like PET (plastic #1) or HDPE (plastic #2).  Here’s a link to where I get my spray bottles: plastic spray bottle and glass spray bottle
  • baking soda — I go through so much baking soda that I buy it in big bags at Costco.  You can also find baking soda at grocery store, Walmart, and Target.
  • distilled water — Find in the water aisle of your grocery
  • unscented liquid Castile soap
  • printable labels (click here for free printable labels)


click here for a free printable of the recipe and printable labels

free printable of pumpkin spice cleaning spray recipe and printable labels



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Pumpkin Spice Cleaning Spray by -- powerful, non-toxic cleaner for countertops, cabinets, sinks, stovetops, floors, tubs, and more. shows amber glass spray bottle with free printable label, 3 essential oil bottles, orange dish towel, and velvet pumpkin

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