Spring Essential Oil Recipes {diffuser blends, DIY cleaning, bug spray, rollerball recipes, and more}

Spring is finally here!  Let’s celebrate the warmer weather, by putting our essential oils to good use. 


Below you’ll find more than 50 spring essential oil recipes.  There are spring diffuser blends, spring room sprays, DIY bug sprays, seasonal allergy remedies, rollerball recipes, scented hand soaps, natural sunscreen, and all kinds of natural, non-toxic spring cleaning recipes.


Most of the recipes have free printables with them,  so read on, use those essential oils, and have fun!



DIY essential oil recipes for seasonal allergies, bug sprays, sunscreen, spring diffuser blends, spring room spray, homemade "febreeze" linen spray, DIY disinfecting spray, sinus headache balm, bug repellent lotion bars, essential oil spring cleaning recipes, and LOTS MORE! There are rollerball recipes, inhalers, sprays, diffuser blends, and more {essential oil recipes, DIY cleaning, doTERRA, Young Living, Plant Therapy}



1) Spring Diffuser Blend Recipes

click here for 15 favorite spring diffuser blend recipes — you’ll find “mojito” diffuser blend with fresh citrus and spearmint notes, “breathe easy” blend to help ease congestion, “bring on spring”, and a dozen other of my favorites.  Plus there’s a free printable sheet of all the diffuser recipes.


lemonade diffuser blend (4 drops lemon, 1 drop basil, 1 drop spearmint)



2) Spring Room Sprays (aka homemade air fresheners)

You can convert any of the above spring diffuser blends into a room spray by …

  • starting with an 8 oz spray bottle
  • add 1 oz witch hazel
  • fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water
  • add 20-25 drops essential oil (that’s 4 times the # of drops in the diffuser blends – click here for spring diffuser recipes)
  • shake well to mix
  • spray around room to bring the fresh scent of spring inside



girl in dandelion field suffering from seasonal allergies

3) Seasonal Allergies

Here are a few essential oil recipes that help my family breathe easier this time of year:

click here for diffuser blends

click here for inhaler recipes

click here to roller bottle blends

click here to learn how to make shower steamers



homemade headache balm made with essential oils

4) Homemade Headache Balm (recipe here)

Here in Kansas, the weather in the springtime can go from hot to cold and back to hot a few times in any given week.  Those big temperature swings wreak havoc with my sinuses.  So I’m very thankful to have this handy homemade headache balm.  A little dab rubbed into my temples and the back of my neck, and headache is gone.

Find the recipe here 



homemade bug spray made with essential oils

5) Keep Bugs Away

Before moving to Kansas, we lived in Minnesota, home of 10,000 lakes and zillions and zillions of mosquitos.  So we got used to fighting bugs and figuring what works to keep those little guys away.  Here are my tried-and-tested natural bug repellents.

click here for DIY bug spray recipes (with kid-safe options)

click here for “Bugs Be Gone” diffuser blend

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click her for bug repellent lotion bar recipe

click here for how to make the Bug Away essential oil candles shown below

diy bug repellent candles made with essential oils



6) DIY Linen Spray in Spring Scents

Freshen up your spring clothes that you pulled out of storage or just from back of the closet with this DIY linen spray.

It’s a great way to naturally refresh clothes, drapes, and upholstered furniture  with clean, spring scents.

get the recipes here

homemade "Febreeze" linen spray made with essential oils {recipes for 21 different scents}



7) Spring Cleaning Recipes

use the natural power of essential oils to get your home deep clean this spring

click here for window & glass cleaner

click here for Lysol disinfecting cleaning spray

click here for anti-mold & mildew spray

click here for dusting spray

click here for Shower cleaner

click here for floor cleaner {great for hardwood floors, laminate, tile, and vinyl}

click here for more DIY essential oil cleaning recipes

homemade "Lysol" disinfecting spray made with essential oils



8)  Gardener’s Hands

Spring means gardening, and gardening means hands that need a little extra TLC.

First, get hands clean and extra soft with these adorable exfoliating handscrub hearts (recipe here).

Then, soften & nourish hands with my favorite super rich & creamy dry hand lotion (recipe here).

homemade hand scrub hearts made with essential oils



9) DIY Hand Soap in Spring Scents

click here for DIY moisturizing hand soap in 21 wonderful spring & summer scents

homemade foaming hand soap with essential oils { recipes for 21 spring & summer scents}



10)  Bring on the Sun

Whether it’s a spring break trip to the beach or just some warmer weather at home, give these essential oil recipes a try.

click here for homemade sunscreen

click here for After sun spray (great for calming skin and lessening redness after too much sun)

click here for peppermint cooling spray (cools you off even when it’s HOT outside)

after sun spray made with essential oils



11)  Deodorize and Freshen Your Home with the Change of Seasons

DIY trash can deodorizer spray made with essential oils- gets rid of stinky smells and keeps garbage cans smelling fresh & clean for days. {essential oil recipe, essential oil cleaning, essential oil spray, doterra, young living, plant therapy, natural cleaning} #doterra #youngliving #essentialoilrecipes



12) Make Your Own Diffuser

click here to learn how to make your own reed diffuser plus 11 recipes for fresh spring scents

how to make reed diffuser with essential oils

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