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Shoe Deodorizing Powder

Easy, 3-ingredient natural solution to my stinky-shoe woes.  Simply mix, shake, and sprinkle. It naturally removes odor and stink from bacteria.  It disinfects and deodorizes.  It also helps to prevent new shoe stink.  It’s...

Linen Spray {21 Sensational Scents}

DIY linen sprays in 21 amazing scents {with FREE PRINTABLE of all the recipes} — there are citrus ones, floral ones, calming blends, energizing recipes, bedtime pillow sprays, and more! Perfect way to freshen...

8 DIY Recipes for Cleaning with Lemon Essential Oil {plus a free printable}

8 super simple (and effective) DIY recipes for cleaning with lemon essential oil (mold & mildew, soft scrub, daily shower spray, window & mirror cleaner, dusting spray, wood polish, all-purpose cleaner, and wood floor...