Sea Breeze Bath Bombs

Is there any place more relaxing than the beach? ¬†I love¬†the feel of sand in-between my toes,¬†the wind gently blowing through my hair,¬†the warm sun on my skin,¬†and of course, the sweet smell of the salt air. ¬†That ocean smell, it’s fabulous! ¬†If I could bottle it, I would.


I’ve come up with an essential oil blend that, while it doesn’t smell exactly like the ocean, its combination of sweet lavender, citrusy lime, and crisp clear hint of spearmint transport me (at least emotionally) to the seaside.


And then when I combine that scent with the bright blue color of the ocean and the feel of water against my skin and I’m in absolute heaven.

Stress just melts away.  Whatever cares I have or problems I might have had that day, I feel totally and completely relaxed when I see (and smell) this beautiful sea breeze bath bomb in action.


Sea Breeze Bath Bombs on sand with seashells by


What’s in the Sea Breeze Bath Bomb?

click here for link to FREE PRINTABLE with recipe for Sea Breeze Bath Bombs as well as recipes for 15 other essential oil blends you can use to customize your bath bombs

baking soda–¬† Helps to detoxify and alkalize your body, while also softening skin and leaving it feeling silky soft

citric acid–¬†this what makes the bath bomb fizz.¬† Well actually, it’s the combination of water, 1 part citric acid, and 2 parts baking soda that causes the fizzing.¬† I love to see bath bombs twirling, spinning, and rocketing around my tub.¬† It’s even cooler when you add other little bath bombs inside your big bath bomb and they¬†make it spin even faster and shoot out different colors¬†(those are called embeds, but that’s¬† for another post on another day).

cornstarch– softens skins and helps it feel silky soft, also helps to harden the bath bomb

cream of tartar– helps harden the bath bomb

lakes– color the bath bombs (and doesn’t stain your tub)

mica (optional)- adds a little sparkle to your bath bomb and bath water

apricot kernel oil¬†– lightweight oil¬† which allows bath bomb to float on top of the water as it fizzes .¬† Plus it’s full of vitamins A, C, and E, and antioxidants, making it extremely nourishing for skin.¬† It’s¬†known for its ability to soften and recondition the skin.

essential oils– wonderful therapeutic benefits (see below)

lavender: eases feelings of tension and soothes occasional skin irritations

lime:  uplifting to the body and mind

spearmint:  combats fatigue and helps with emotional support

cedarwood: promotes relaxation

bergamot: calming and provides skin purifying benefits

wild (sweet) orange: uplifting to the body and mind

Roman chamomile: calming effect on skin, mind, and body

patchouli: grounding, balancing effect on emotions.  Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections.

frankincense:  promotes feelings of relation and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

ylang ylang:  lessens tensions and pressure, promoting a positive outlook.  Promotes mood while having a calming effect.

sandalwood:  grounding and balancing with a mediation-like effect

geranium:  promotes appearance of clear, healthy skin

witch hazel- tones, calms, and soothes skin as well as helping to harden the bath bomb

rubbing alcohol- helps dry and harden the bath bomb


soaker tub filled with blue bath water and pile of white fluffy towels


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How to make it {recipe and step-by-step instructions}

click here for link to FREE PRINTABLE with recipe for Sea Breeze Bath Bombs as well as recipes for 15 other essential oil blends you can use to customize your bath bombs


1.  add 1 cup baking soda to a medium glass bowl


adding baking soda to glass mixing bowl



2.  1/2 cup citric acid


adding citric acid to mixing bowl



3.  1 Tbsp cornstarch


adding cornstarch to mixing bowl



4.  2 tsp cream of tartar


adding cream of tarter to mixing bowl



5.  1/4 tsp lake coloring


adding coloring to bath bomb mix



6. whisk dry ingredients together really well before adding wet ingredients


whisking bath bombs ingredients together



7.  1 Tbsp apricot kernel oil


adding apricot oil to bath bomb mixture



8.  10-12 drops essential oil

for Sea Breeze scent use 4 drops lavender, 4 drops lime, and 2 drops spearmint


adding essential oil to bath bomb mixture



9.  whisk together, breaking up any lumps


whisking liquids into dry ingredients of bath bomb



10.  add a few sprays witch hazel, followed by a few sprays of rubbing alcohol


adding a few sprays of witch hazel to bath bomb mix



The water in the witch hazel and rubbing alcohol will cause the very top layer of baking soda and citric acid to react – see how it’s fizzing a little in the photo below.¬†¬†A little reaction is okay, but you don’t want it to react too much.¬† You want to save the fizzing reaction for the bath tub.¬† Less reaction now means more fizzy in the tub.


bath bomb mixture with slight fizzing from adding witch hazel



You want it to get to the consistency of damp (not wet) sand.

It should be able to hold its shape when you squeeze it together, but break apart when you drop it into the bowl.


bath bomb mixture proper consistency- clumps in hand when squeeze it but breaks apart when drop it in bowl


11.  To form the bath bomb, add a heaping pile of sand to each half of the bath bomb.

Don’t pack the mixture into the mold at this point, just loosely pile it into the mold.

You’re wanting to make a light (not dense) bath bomb that will float on the top of the bath water.¬† It you over pack the mold be adding too much mixture and pressing it in too firming in the beginning, then the bath bomb may become too dense and sink to the bottom of the bath tub.¬† It will still work, but you won’t get that amazing show of the bath bomb twirling and spinning and rocketing around the top of the tub.


filling bath bomb mold



press the two halves of the bath bomb mold together

see how there’s extra mixture on the top of each half?¬† most of that will get squeezed together into the bomb and some will fall back into the bowl


putting two halves of bath bomb mold together



take one half of the mold off of the bomb

voila!  a bath bomb


bath bomb coming out of mold


12.  place the bath bombs on top of something really soft and cushy to dry

I use a clean bath towel on top of a couple layers of bubble wrap.


bath bomb drying on towel



now, that you’ve got the hang of it, you can make more!

make them in every color

layer two or three colors together

make huge ones and make teeny tiny ones

make them in shapes (cookie cutters and Wilton  mini cake pans work great)

so many creative possibilities!


three versions of sea breeze bath bombs colorings- green, turquoise, and blue



How to use

1) fill bath tab with water

2) place bath bomb in water

3) watch it spin, twirl and rocket around the tub as it dissolves

4) take a long, relaxing bath and enjoy!


homemade bath bomb dropping into bath water and turning water sea blue



soaking tub with deep blue bath water from bath bomb



Where to get supplies

baking soda– Costco has a great deal on a big bag of baking soda

click here or here for citric acid

cornstarch– grocery store in baking aisle

cream of tartar– you can buy a small jar at the grocery store, but if you’re going to make a few batches of bath bombs, then click here for a good deal on a larger size

click here for apricot kernel oil

witch hazelthis is the kind I like, but can also get at Walmart or Target

rubbing alcohol– Walmart or Target pharmacy section or drug store

click here for lakes

click here  or here for large bath bomb molds

click here for small bath bomb mold


5 sea breeze bath bombs on sand with sea shells



click here for link to FREE PRINTABLE with recipe for Sea Breeze Bath Bombs as well as recipes for 15 other essential oil blends you can use to customize your bath bombs

free printable of sea breeze bath bomb recipe made with essential oils


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sea breeze bath bombs by with soaker tub filled with deep blue water from bath bomb beside fluffy white towels

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