DIY Reed Diffuser {with Recipes for 11 Best Essential Oil Blends}

So Many Great Reasons to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

  • Much less expensive than buying one, and they work great!
  • Almost anything (with a narrow neck) works as a vase– match your d√©cor!
  • Create your own custom scent – I’ve shared 11 of my favorites for spring below.¬† Feel free to use one of those or create your own.
  • It’s really simple.¬† Just mix 3 ingredients together and you’re done.
  • Great for small rooms where a plug-in diffuser just isn’t practical- perfect for bathrooms!
  • Makes a great gift too!


How to Make a Reed Diffuser with Essential Oils


How to Make a Reed Diffuser 

I make my own essential oil reed diffusers. It’s simple. All you need is…

a glass container with a narrow opening (to slow evaporation)

1/4 cup of a light oil like apricot kernel oil or safflower oil

15-20 drops essential oil (see below for 11 of my favorite spring essential oils blends)

2 Tbsp of alcohol to help oils travel up reeds (vodka works great)

reed sticks



Find a Container

Any narrow-opening container made of an essential-oil-safe material can be turned into a reed diffuser.  Glass, ceramic, earthenware, wood, or stainless steel all work great. Look around your home, you probably already have something that will work. Other great places to find a vase or jar for your reed diffuser?

  • garage sales
  • consignment stores
  • Goodwill or other thrift stores
  • Craft stores (Michaels, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby)- and don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon


Step-by-Step Instructions

1)  add 1/4 cup of a light oil (like apricot kernel oil or safflower oil) to a glass measuring cup


2)  add 2 Tbsp of alcohol to the measuring cup.  The alcohol is to help thin out the oils and help oils travel up reeds.  Cheap vodka works great!


3)  add 15-20 drops essential oil (see below for 11 of my favorite spring essential oils blends)


4)  use one of the reeds to stir the oil and alcohol mixture.  Stir well until the essential oils and carrier oil are somewhat well dispersed in the alcohol.


5)  pour the oil and alcohol mixture into the vase


6)  bundle the reeds and insert them into the neck of the vase

7)  fan the reeds out


8)  The oil will saturate into reeds, and as it wicks up the reeds, it will release the aroma into the air.  It will take a few days for the reeds to absorb the oil. 

9)  Flip sticks every few days to refresh scent.

10)  replace the oil-alcohol mixture once it evaporates and replace the reed sticks about once a month.


11 of My Favorite Essential Oil Blends- perfect for using in this reed diffuser

10 drops eucalyptus + 10 drops spearmint

6 drops grapefruit + 6 drops orange + 4 drops lemon + 2 drops bergamot

3 drops geranium + 9 drops lavender + 6 drops orange

9 drops lavender + 6 drops clary sage + 6 drops orange

6 drops lemongrass + 6 drops lavender + 6 drops eucalyptus

6 drops tangerine + 6 drops spearmint + 6 drops lemongrass

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3 drops geranium + 6 drops lavender + 9 drops lime

12 drops lemon +3 drops frankincense + 3 drops ylang ylang

6 drops lavender + 6 drops  lemon + 6 drops rosemary

6 drops lavender + 6 drops lemon + 6 drops peppermint

6 drops lemon + 6 drops lavender + 6 drops grapefruit



Would you like to make homemade reed diffusers in other scents?

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    I really enjoy all the information you post on “One Essential”

    thank you

    • Hi Debi,
      Thanks for your note!
      No, unfortunately, there isn’t a printable for this one yet. I only started making recipe pdf (or now the recipe print function) in the past year or so.
      I usually get my diffuser reeds on Amazon. You want to choose reeds that have little channels in them and are very porous so that they’ll soak up the oil mixture and move it out into the air. Here are some that I like:

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