Essential Oil Christmas Recipes, Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

9 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

9 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas: diffuser blends, ornaments, room sprays, fire starters, scented pinecones, pomanders, gel air fresheners, and more!

Have you made an essential oil reed diffuser yet? ? They are super simple (and inexpensive) to make! They'd make great Christmas gifts!! ? This post not only shows you how to make an essential oil reed diffuser, but it also gives 25+ recipes of Christmas scents! essential oil recipe, essential oil DIY, essential oil diffuser blend recipes, doTERRA, Young Living, essential oil gifts

Essential Oil Christmas Recipes, Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

How to Make an Essential Oil Reed Diffuser + Recipes for 25 Christmas Scents

The 25+ BEST Christmas reed diffuser recipes {made with essential oils}… Holiday Treats, Candy Cane Forest, Peace on Earth, Christmas Cheer, and more!! They are super simple (and inexpensive) to...

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Immune Support Foot Rub

Fight off colds, coughs, and other bugs with this essential oil immune support foot rub.

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes

Exfoliating Hand Scrub Hearts

So many things can cause hands to become dry and rough. ¬†Thankfully, these hand scrub hearts are not only adorable, they’re also inexpensive, easy to make, all natural, and made...

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes

DIY Peppermint & Charcoal Soap

Our skin is one of the major organs that works to eliminate toxins and impurities from our bodies. But sometimes it needs a little extra help. That’s when we need...

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes, Natural Remedies & Wellness

Essential Oil Healing Salve

If I had to choose only one skin-care DIY, this would be it. It works for so many different skin issues: eczema, chapped skin, cracked heels, minor cuts, bug bites,...

Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes

Trash Can Deodorizer Tabs

There’s no need for toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances to mask the scent of stinky, smelly garbage. Eliminate trash can odors naturally with these easy-to-make essential oil deodorizing tabs.

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“Sweet Dreams” Sleep Spray

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Here are 12 recipes for essential oil pillow sprays to help you get a great night’s sleep.

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes

DIY Tea Tree Toner for Acne

Simple DIY with 1 ingredient + essential oils. This tea tree toner for acne helps control excess oil, shrinks the appearance of pores, and soothes and reduces redness.

Essential Oil Cleaning Recipes

Homemade “Lysol” Disinfecting Cleaning Spray

Clean your home and freshen it at the same time with this natural essential oil disinfectant cleaning spray. It’s an all-natural, non-toxic powerful cleaner that disinfects, sanitizes, deodorizes, and even...