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DIY Hand Sanitizer Spray with essential oils

Germs are everywhere, and while hand washing is best, sometimes you just can't get to a sink.  So I keep these little essential-oil hand sanitizers everywhere. -- Super simple recipe mixes up in no time. Learn the benefits of each ingredient as well as which essential oils are best for antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. And get free printable labels and recipe cards you can use , share them with your team, or use them as handouts for a make & take class.

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24 Essential Oil Inhaler Recipes for allergies, headaches, cravings, stress, energy, focus, calming and more! {FREE Printable Labels}

While I love using a diffuser, sometimes it just isn't practical.  When that happens, personal inhalers are a wonderful alternative to diffusers. Inhalers are small, lightweight, portable, economical, effective, and don't affect others around you. Learn what a personal inhaler is, how to make one, and how to use it. Plus I share recipes (and FREE printable labels) for 24 of my favorite inhaler blends for mind, body, & spirit. There are inhaler recipes for allergies, headaches, cravings, stress, energy, focus, calming and more!

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Kick Sugar Cravings with Essential Oils

Do you struggle with sugar cravings? Here are the best essential oils to help kick sugar cravings, feel satiated, and stop from binging plus 5 of my favorite sugar-busting diffuser blends, how to make personal inhalers (a.k.a. portable craving kickers), 4 roller bottle recipes to curb sugar cravings, and more!

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25+ Easy Homemade Essential Oil Gifts for Christmas

In this post you'll find 25+ of my favorite gifts to make with essential oils.  These are easy DIY recipes and ideas to make amazing Christmas gifts for almost everyone on your list - your mom, friends, sister, teachers, and even your husband.  There are recipes and instructions for bath bombs, perfume, cooling foot cream, soap, whipped body butter, coffee scrub, diffuser necklaces, dryer balls, sugar scrub, mugs, sugar cubes, bath salts, foaming hand soap, gel air freshener, rooms sprays, lip balm, salt scrub, dry body oil, beard balm, men's cologne, ornaments, heating pad, shower melts, reed diffuser, roller bottles, and lotion bars.  Merry Christmas!  I hope you and your loved ones enjoy these recipes as much as I have.

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15 DIY Fall Essential Oil Recipes

15 DIY Fall Beauty Recipes with Essential Oils Fall is filled with great smells!  Gingerbread cookies, pumpkin pie, warm chai, and mulled cider are just a few of my favorites. I love combining essential oils to create fall scents.  I use essential oils around my house to make my home cozy & inviting all season long.  (read more about [...]

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