How to Make an Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Car

Do you love diffusing essential oils?  Well, guess what- that doesn’t have to stop when you leave your house!  For “FUN FINDS FRIDAY” I’ve rounded up lots of great ideas for how you can make an essential oil diffuser for your car.


You probably already  have everything you need to make your very own (and super creative) car diffuser.

Check your craft stash, makeup supplies, and laundry room for things like this. 

You won’t need all of these.  Just a couple, depending on which version(s) of the car diffuser hacks you want to make.

cotton balls

cotton pads (round ones like this)

air dry clay


pompoms (small ones or big ones)



old Febreeze vent clip like this

old Bath & Body Works Scentportable holder like this


Car Diffuser Hacks


So how do I make an essential oil diffuser for my car?


option 1:  go old school  and make one to hang from your rearview mirror

Nothing says 70’s retro like an air freshener hanging from a rearview

fabric card diffuser

sew one together uses fabric and string- get instructions here from Bloglovin



or skip the sewing and make one using fabric, cardboard as a stabilizer, and string- get the instructions here from Suburbia-Unwrapped


minnie mouse car diffuser

or maybe you’re a BIG Disney addict like me (or maybe your kids are) and can’t pass up this adorable felt Minnie Mouse essential oil car diffuser–  get the instructions here from Reasons to Skip the Housework


clay car diffuser

use a cookie cutter to easily cut air dry clay into any shape you’d like- love how I Really Love Chocolate made hers in the shape of Texas, but you could use the same idea and shape a clay diffuser into anything from your favorite sports team to favorite movie character or cartoon to an icon of a favorite hobby – get instructions here from I Really Love Chocolate  


option 2:  use the car’s vent as a fan to circular the essential oils

clothespin with pompoms car diffuser

Want super cute AND super simple?  Try this one- simply glue a few pompoms onto a clothespin and clip to your car’s vent.  Easy peasy!!  Project done.  – get instruction here from One Crazy House


paperclip and pompom car diffuser

Here’s another incredibly easy (and cute) one.  Just glue a large pompom onto a paperclip and slip the paperclip onto the car’s vent.  – get instructions here from Healthy Holistic Living

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febreeze hack

This one is a little more complicated, but very clever.  It involves taking apart an old Febreeze vent clip and then inserting a cotton ball to hold the essential oil.  – get the instructions from Pintify Me


ribbon and cotton ball

use ribbon and a cotton ball- get instructions here from Frugally Blonde

bath and body works scentportable

old Bath & Body Works Scentportable holder like this and use cotton pads (round ones like this) .  clip on to car’s vent.

option 3: Forget making a hack, and instead buy a car essential oil diffuser

cigerette plug in car diffuser

this essential oil car diffuser plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter


battery usb diffuser

this essential oil diffuser runs on batteries, so it’s portable and works great in a car.  It has a little fan that circulates the essential oils around the car.


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