DIY Sore Muscle Rub with essential oils

Homemade essential oil sore muscle rub for temporary relief of achy or overworked muscles, tense neck and shoulders, simple backaches, and occasional muscle fatigue from workouts, housework, gardening, and long days. It's deep-penetrating, works quickly, and smells sooooo much better than the store bought alternatives.

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How to Make a Diffuser Bracelet in Less Than 2 Minutes

Make your own DIY essential oil diffuser bracelet with just a couple of supplies & in less than 2 minutes to make. No special craft skills needed. Fun for a girls night or make & take class. Plus there are lots of ideas for how to customize the scent of your diffuser bracelet to suit your mood: energizing to wake you up, lift your spirits, calm & relax, focus & concentrate, support immune system, and rev up your libido.

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DIY “Beachy Waves” Sea Salt Spray for Hair Recipe

This beach waves hair spray not only smells amazing it also does all these wonderful things for my hair.  Love it! - mimics the amazing way your hair looks after spending the day at the beach - enhances natural waves and curls - with a look of perfectly imperfect beachy waves - add softness and conditions without weighing hair down - builds volume and fullness - fights against the drying effects of the summer sun as it moisturizes both the scalp and hair Plus it's all natural and cheap.  Bottles of similar store-bought beach waves sprays cost $13-$30+.  But this homemade DIY version costs only pennies.

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Lemongrass and Chamomile Homemade Foot Scrub {with essential oil}

I absolutely love my recipes for ultimate sugar scrub and exfoliating sugar scrub cubes.  They smell great and leave my skin smooth and super soft. But when it comes to my feet, I need a little extra "oomph".  My dry, cracked heels need some extra scrubbing power to get them sandal ready.  And that's where this homemade foot scrub comes in. It has both Epsom salt and sugar to exfoliate, smooth, soften, and rejuvenate my tired toes and tough soles.

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DIY Anti-Itch Stick {made with essential oil}

Got a bug bite, rash or other itchy nuisance? Here's my favorite homemade anti-itch stick recipe (a.k.a. Bug Bite Balm). It's all natural and made with soothing goodness of essential oils. Carry one of these handy sticks around with you while hiking, camping, swimming or just hanging out in your yard this summer. Just rub over bug bite and it will start calming skin. Itch relief in no time.

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