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click here to check out this deal– I love to use castile soap in my home to make hand soaps, bathroom cleaners, soft scrub, shower cleaner, and more.  Buying it by the gallon is the cheapest way to go!


click here to check out this deal– I love making my foaming hand soap.

To these 250 ml containers add:

2 Tbsp unscented liquid Castile soap

1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil, apricot kernel oil, or another favorite carrier oil

5-10 drops essential oil (here are a few combinations that I love- lemon/basil, grapefruit/fir, tangerine/spearmint, and lemon/lavender — try it with your favorite essential oils)

then stir well to combine soap/oil/EOs, add distilled water to fill, and mix again



click here to check out this deal–  Wow!  Only $6.99 and free shipping with Amazon Prime for all of this!

Here’s everything that you get for only $6.99…

  • Six 10ml Amber Glass Roller Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls
  • 3 Extra Replacement Stainless Steel Roller Balls
  • Essential Tool to remove the orifice reducer insert or press on roller bottles caps for those tiny sample bottles with standard 5ml, 10ml or 15ml bottles
  • 12 Labels
  • 3ml Dropper Pipette

Or do you need more roller bottles?  click here to check out this deal for this larger set for only $10.99— 12 roller bottles plus 6 replacement stainless steel roller balls, 18 labels, key tool, and pipette.



click here to check these out  These are my absolute favorite essential oil cases!!

They are very well made and have great details (high quality fabric, secure closure, strong elastics to hold each bottle in place, flat bottom so it stays upright in handbag, which helps prevent leaks.  If it’s possible, they’re even more beautiful in person.  I have them in several sizes, but the one that I use the most is the small roller bottle case.  It holds 8 (10ml) roller bottles.  It fits easily in my bag and I always have my favorite essential oils with me- diluted and ready to go.  click here to check these cases out.  Be sure to click on the options to see all three sizes of cases as well as all the great fabric patterns.  want essential oil rollerball recipes to help you fill your new case?  click here and here for my favorite roller bottle recipes {and free printable rollerball labels}

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click here to check this  bottle opener tool out

Fantastic tool to open and remove roller balls and caps on pretty much every size of essential oil bottle.  Sturdy metal tool works on small sample vials, traditional essential oil bottles 3ml/5ml/10ml/15ml/30ml with standard caps, and 3ml/5ml/10ml roller balls.



LOVE these!  Such beautiful essential oil CAR DIFFUSERS from only $10.99!

Simply add a couple drops of essential oil to the felt pad and attach the clip to your car’s air vent.  Air flows through the clip and is diffused throughout the car.  Simple and effective.  Plus they’re gorgeous- it’s like diffuser jewelry for your car.  They even come in several different designs.  Love it!

click here for the tree of life, flower, and many other designs

click here for LOVE, TREE OF LIFE, and BUTTERFLY designs



click here to check out the deal on these dryer balls–  only $10.99 for a set of 6 extra-large dryer balls.

These are made of premium, 100% sheep’s wool.  Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to a dryer ball- use 3 dryer balls for small loads and 5-6 balls for large loads.  Dryer balls help reduce drying time and static- all without the toxic chemicals found in most dryer sheets.  Plus dryer balls are reusable; one set lasts for years.  Wouldn’t these make great gifts for your oily friends and team members?  Stock up while they’re on sale.


5-tier tree wall rack holds up to 70 bottles of essential oil – click here to check it out


I LOVE this beautiful wooden essential oil box!!!  Look at all this storage in such a little space.  It has a drawer plus two trays– in total it holds 59 bottles (45 traditional bottles and 14 roller bottles!!  click here to check it out


click here to check this diffuser deal out  Great deal on my favorite ultrasonic diffuser– only $26.94 and it runs for 10+ hours!!

I own two diffusers like this and love them!  runs for 10+ hours (some people report it running up to 15 hours), extra-large 500ml size (16.9 ounces), 4 timer settings (60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, or on), auto shut off when it runs out of water, option for low or strong mist, covers up to 430 sq ft, and can run diffuser with light off. 



click here to check out this diffuser deal    this 800ml ultrasonic diffuser runs for up to 30 hours on one fill!

Plus it’s very quiet, has 7 color-changing lights, has auto shut-off when it runs out of water, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from the Amazon seller.  all for less than 30 bucks!




click here to check out this bag –  So cute!!  This is a great tote to show off you oils!

Perfect for taking to trade shows, vendor event and classes, too!  Holds up to eleven 15ml essential oil bottles in clear exterior pocket and can hold more roller bottles, brochures, and business cards in additional exterior pockets.  Plus there’s plenty of room inside for a laptop, tear sheets, and class handouts.



click here to get this deal– only $11.99 for a large 16 ounce container of high quality fractionated coconut oil

(hand-picked coconuts, expeller-pressed, hexane-free, and tested to ensure purity).  And I love that it comes with a pump.  Makes it so easy to fill roller bottles or just dilute essential oils right in my hand.


carrier oils

click here to check out this deal– only $24.99 for this set of 100% pure, cold-pressed carrier oils.

That’s only $4.60 each!  Set includes five 4 ounce bottles- one each of avocado oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil, and fractionated coconut oil.



click here to check out this diffuser necklace–  Amazing deal!  Only $8.19 for this diffuser necklace.

Comes with 24″ chain, magnetic closure, and 7 pads- that’s enough for a different scent every day of the week.  To use, simply add a couple drops of essential oil to the pad and insert into necklace.  Aroma typically lasts for 2-3 days.  click here for ideas and recipes for essential oils to use with your diffuser jewelry- recipes for energy, calming, bug repellents, comfort, brighten your mood, reduce irritability, and more

click here for LOTS MORE DIFFUSER NECKLACES starting at less than $3




click here to check out this set–  Great deal- Only $19.95 for this awesome gift set!

It includes all of this:

(1) Wooden Essential Oil Box (holds 25 bottles)

(2) Keychain Pouch that holds 8 sample vials so you can always have your essential oils with you

(3) eight 5/8 Dram (2ml) Vials

(4) 15 Blank Lid Stickers

(5) 8 Plastic Transfer Pipettes!

This set would make a great gift for yourself or an oil-loving friend!



click here to check out this deal– only $9.52 for a set of 12 glass spray bottles (2 ounces each).

That’s only 81 cents each!  These are perfect for owie sprays, pillow sleep spray, bug sprays, poopouri bathroom spray, and more.



click here to check out this deal– set of two 16 oz heavy-duty amber glass spray bottles with reusable chalkboard labels.

These are perfect for dusting sprays, window & glass cleaner, air freshener, counter cleaner, bathroom cleaners, and more.

Find my favorite essential oil cleaning recipes here



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