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DIY Essential Oil Crafts for St Patricks Day

DIY Essential Oil St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Gifts for Everyone

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday! Unfortunately, it often gets overlooked for grown ups. Kids love dressing up in green, cheering on the parade, looking for leprechauns, and eating yummy green treats.  But St. Patrick’s Day can also be a lot fun for adults, too!   These St. Patrick’s crafts and gifts are great ways to show your kids and friends how lucky you are to know them!  So get out your supplies and essential oils and get to crafting.  And spread a little Irish fun this St. Patrick’s Day!


Felt Four Leaf Clever

Make a felt four leaf clover and then add a few drops of essential oil for your own personal diffuser.  Carry it in your purse, leave it on the nightstand beside your bed, anywhere you need the benefit of a little essential oil and the luck of a four leaf clover.

Find the instructions here from Molly and Mama

felt shamrock

Or buy this adorable felt four leaf clover here (LOVE the addition of the heart!!)

felt shamrock 2


DIY Felt Shamrock Car Diffuser

Here’s a simple craft to diffuse essential oils in your car from todayscreativeblog.net

  1. on green felt trace two shamrocks using a shamrock cookie cutter like this
  2. cut out the green felt shamrocks
  3. use fabric or all-purpose craft glue to adhere one green shamrock to a piece of white felt
  4. cut out the white felt, leaving about a 1/4 inch border around the green shamrock
  5. glue the second green shamrock onto the backside of the white felt
  6. punch a hole in the top of the shamrock about 1/2 inch in from the top
  7. tie a piece of embroidery thread or yarn through the hole so that the shamrock can be hung from rearview mirror

Want more ideas for extremely clever DIY Essential Oil Car Diffusers?  click here

car diffuser 2 car diffuser


Shamrock Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils

click here for recipe and instructions {plus free printable gift tag}

from Dazzle Designs

moldable sugar scrubs


Rainbow Sugar Scrub

click here for idea from Beauty Lab

rainbow sugar scrub IDEA


Irish Cream Sugar Scrub

(made with powered milk and peppermint essential oil)

click here from recipe from Babble

irish-cream sugar scrub


Salt Dough Scented Shamrocks

from Cammie Briquelet

Mix 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup of salt in a mixing bowl. Boil water and 1/4 tsp of peppermint or spearmint essential oil before stirring into dry mixture. Now add food coloring and get creative with the “dough”!

salt dough shamrock


Calming Green Play Dough

find the recipe here from Odds and Evans

play dough


Shamrock Clay Essential Oil Diffuser

find them here

from Patti Makes

shamrock clay essential oil diffusers from Etsy


Use stamps and air dry clay to make a car diffuser, diffuser necklaces, ornaments, magnets

… imagine all the possibilities!!

You’ll need air dry clay like thisAir dry clay is a natural earth clay which air-dries to a hard solid.  You can find it here as well as at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn’s, and other craft stores.  Prices will vary; it should cost less than $5 for a container like this.

You can buy air dry clay in white and then color it to any color you want using  just about anything soluble! You can use paints…craft paints, artist acrylics, or oils paints.   You can use cake colorants (not food coloring) that are made in paste and gel form and also the ‘pearl dust‘.    Artist pastels, crushed into a powder and mixed into the clay will make soft, pastel colors.   You can also use the inks and chalks popular for scrapbooking and rubber stamping.   There are also colorants available that are specially made for tinting air-dry clay and cold porcelain, but these don’t seem to be readily available in USA (yet).

Once you have the air dry clay colored how you want it, then roll it out, stamp it uses stamps like those below, and cut it out (a cookie cutter makes this really easy and gives professional looking edges).  If you’re making a diffuser necklace or ornament, punch a small hole for the cord that will be used to hang it.  Then let it dry.  That’s it!  Super easy and a fun craft to do with kids!!

find the stamps here:

solid four leaf clover

Celtic knot

shamrock wreath

open four leaf clover

stamp 4 leaf clover solid stamp celtic knot stamp circle of 4 leaf clovers stamp open 4 leaf clover


Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Celtic knot in silver (shown on left below)

Celtic in pewter (not shown)

Celtic in copper alloy (shown on right below)

want more ideas for Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces?  click here

necklace celtic knot necklace celtic copper alloy



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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